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Biblical womanhood in modern society

The question of biblical womanhood has led to a radical rejection of the principles of God as taught in the Bible for over 60 years man is no longer understood as a creature of God, but as a product of an anonymous "evolution," as a mutated animal that has the freedom to determine all norms and rules of life as it suits him.

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The role of man and woman is being radically reinterpreted and redefined today, according to the arbitrary principles of a humanistic psychology and doctrine of man, which ultimately has its sources in pagan philosophy and idolatrous religion. According to this trend, the teachings of the Bible are reactionary and outdated... they supposedly oppress people and prevent them from self-realisation.

Now-days women are persuaded to believe that only the path of 'emancipation' can lead them to true happiness. Women, must 'free themselves' from the 'Slavery' of the Christian image of women, from the restrictive, outdated orders of the Bible invented by men. They should fight for their self-development, for decisive influence and leadership tasks in all areas of society, for 'equality' with men... I‘m sure you already heard about it in school, university, work or even at home growing up. You actually hear it everywhere...

Faithful women of God have to go against the mainstream

As daughters of The Most High we should always be aware of the fact that the ‘mainstream’ system that is ultimately determined by the spirit of this age, by the spirit of the prince of this world - satan.

We cannot prevent the way of thinking and living in the world around us from also influencing us believers. In school, in college, in the media, in everyday life, it is evident everywhere! For this very reason we are called to be vigilant against this anti-God worldly thinking and to consciously hold fast to the teaching of scripture!

This deception and deviation from biblical truth

This deception and deviation from biblical truth on the biblical woman issue has a harmful root: the Bible, the inspired, God-given word of Scripture, is no longer recognized as the infallible and sole authority for the life of the church and the individual woman (believer).

This is about a very fundamental question, about the essential difference between genuine, biblical faith and true discipleship on the one hand and the modern falsification of faith and discipleship.

True faith accepts the Bible as the word of the living God and lives out the word of God to the best of one's ability in the obedience of faith.

True discipleship is based on the word of our God (John 14, 21). The 'modern christian woman’ on the other hand, decides for herself what she wants to accept from the Bible and what not, what she marks as "obsolete" and what she still wants to follow.

Do we want to follow God's ways?

The question we need to ask ourselves is: do we actually want to follow God‘s will?

How do we want to orient ourselves? What the Word of God tells us - even if it is unpopular today and opposed to carnal self-realisation? Or the modern reinterpretation of the scripture, which leaves room to drink of the cup of the devil (1. Corinthians 10:21)?

"You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the Lord’s table and of the table of demons." 1. Corinthians 10:21.

The believing woman of God actually differs from the unbelievers in that she receives the standards and guidelines for her life from an eternally unchanging source, the perfect Word of The Most High!

We differ from the women that live to pursue self-realisation. We live for a purpose! We live for a bigger reason and not for ourselves.

If we want to become biblical woman of God, we have to reflect our thoughts and intentions. We have to make a radical decision. It's either the world... or God. There is no in-between.

"If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth." 1. John 1:6

I know it's not easy to detach from the world. We have to ask the Father to change our hearts and see the truth of this world. We may still be blinded in some areas in life, where we believe that we might miss something out in the world.

I can testify that when you once see the truth and the wickedness of the world, you can't be fooled anymore. Once the Father opens your eyes to His truth and makes you see how the enemy manipulates man, you will no longer find joy in things that were supposed to draw you away from God.

"as obedient children, not conforming yourselves to the former lusts, as in your ignorance; but as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.” 1. Peter 1:14-16
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